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Our Misssion and Vision

The mission of the Alumni Association is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive alumni community committed to deepening connections with each other and Ilogbo High School Old Students for all time coming.

As a preeminent alumni association, we advance Ilogbo High School, serve the diverse and evolving needs of each member of our global alumni community, and create opportunities to strengthen bonds between each other and alma mater for all time coming.

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Alumni Participation

Explaining the Importance of Alumni Participation

Picture it. You’re standing alone before the Board of Trustees, ready to present the annual giving team’s strategy to increase your institution’s alumni participation rate. You’ve got a deck full of slides filled with goals, schedules, examples, charts, and metrics. You launch into your presentation confidently (you’ve been practicing!) when suddenly one of the board members cuts you off and says, “All this talk of alumni participation. So what? Why does it even matter? After all, you can’t take participation rates to the bank!”

Most advancement professionals can explain why annual fund dollars are important. They provide an important source of flexible and spendable revenue that has an impact on today’s students, faculty, and programs. It is money to “live on” versus money to “grow on,” which typically comes in the form of capital support.

On the other hand, many struggle to articulate the importance of alumni participation. For most educational institutions, the majority of donors will be alumni—although there are other key donor groups such as parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. Alumni donor count is used to calculate alumni participation by dividing it by the number of living alumni on record. For example, if your institution has 100,000 alumni of record (i.e., living with a good address) and 10,000 of them made a gift last year, your alumni participation rate is 10%.


Your membership in the Alumni Association grants you access to exclusive benefits and services designed to support their personal and professional growth.

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From the Desk of the School Principal

On behalf of the school based management committee, parents teachers association and students body, I congratulate the Alumni Association on her various success's achieved and in particular the success recorded by creating a website for the association.

The efforts of the association in providing facilities for your Alma mater for conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning are not without notice and sacrifice.


Our Responsibility



Scholarship is an essential aspect of alumni responsibility, allowing us to support the next generation of students and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape


Helping Current Students

We play a unique role of supporting and empowering current students during their academic journey through mentoring, sharing professional expertise, networking, financial assistance


Giving Back

Contributing to your alma mater through donations creates a lasting impact on the educational experience of current and future students. Alumni support helps fund scholarships, academic programs, ensuring that our institution continues to thrive.


Mentorship and Guidance

As alumni, our wealth of experience and knowledge can guide and inspire current students. We volunteer as a mentor, sharing your professional insights, and providing guidance to help shape the next generation of leaders.









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